One, Two, Many Styles...

The Revolutionary Style Shades Make It Possible

Casual today, elegant tomorrow - we change our Styles as we like. Making a change to ourselves is fun and allows us to always show ourselves in the best possible light. Because we adapt to the circumstances. Flexible, dynamic, fast and uncomplicated. The frameless Silhouette eyewear takes on a new shape with just one simple movement of the hand. Just clip the Style Shades on to the nose bridge of your regular glasses, that's all it takes.
The possibilities are numerous, the results convincing. With the different lense types and sizes of the Style Shades, your eyewear is transformed into a flexible accessory, regardless of its original shape. All this while remaining just as lightweight as it was before. Pleasant to wear, the perfect protection for your eyes in the sun. The five different lense shapes which come in two sizes and colours make variations possible.
Using the Style Shades
Style Shades in use
Style Shades in use
100% protection against UV-A, -B and -C Clean Coat Made in Austria 87% blue light filter 5 different lense shapes Style Shade: 5,1 g
Style Shades in use
Style Shades in use




The five Style Shades which come in two different sizes fit on to all frameless optical Silhouette eyewear, whether long or short distance or progressive lenses and independent of the number of dioptres. Two different nose bridge options ensure a perfect fit and with their 5.1 grams, the Style Shades are hardly even felt. The Silhouette cult eyewear Titan Minimal Art weighs 10 grams with lenses and 15.1 grams with Style Shades. That makes a perfect view really simple.

teaser UV protection


Style Shades protect 100% against UV-A, -B and -C rays and filter up to 87% of the dangerous blue light out. Reflexions and blinding caused by sunlight falling on smooth surfaces such as water or asphalt are prevented by polarisation filters. The oversized shape of the Style Shades shields the eyes from incident solar radiation. We are thus equipped for (almost) all situations outdoors. Come what may...

teaser Made in Austria


The Style Shades do not require any frames - and thus do not restrict vision. The high-quality plastic lenses enable correct vision. They offer optimal image and resolution quality without distortions-contrasts are perceived more clearly and colours accurately. High-tech materials, "Clean Coat" and "Handmade in Austria" all stand for workmanship of the highest quality.


  • styleshade glass styleshade glass Style Shade 5090 01
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